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Dream Chaser: Walking out Your God-Given Purpose

Dream Chaser is a Bible study derived from the life of the God dreamer Joseph. He was a man that spend his life pursuing the dreams and purposes that God placed on him when just seventeen years old.

This whole study is designed to help you understand how to walk out the dreams and purposes on your life to the fullest. You will uncover the obstacles, victories, revelations and legacy that God Dreamers go through in the process to the promise. There are 12 written studies broken down into different sections of Joseph's life. Along with each lesson, a video recap is available 

The whole E-book is 92 pages of revelation, knowledge and encouragment including the Bible passage, teaching points and reflection pages and activations. 

Don't wait and start dream chasing today!

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Dream Chaser is a downloadable E-book that converts to a PDF file.


Each study is set up to include a scripturally-based lesson along with a prayer and reflection prompt to end each section. 

(Examples included)

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