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How To Earn God's Love

Have you ever wondered about how to earn God’s love? I use to think that in order to earn God’s love I had to make sure I was good enough. In my head, I use to think of it like an equation...

Performance Mentality: More Good Things + Less Bad Things = More of God's Love

A Performance Based World

This equation seemed to make sense to me because life and the relationships around me functioned around this performance mentality. It seemed to me that I needed to perform for the positions around me. Unfortunatly, we live in a society that defines our positions based on how we rank in performance to others. For example, we are considered a good student" if we get good grades. We are considered a good employee if we are faster or get more done compared to others. Our world bases our position on our performance. However, there’s a great danger when we apply this mentality to our faith.

God is Not Performance Based

God does not love us based on our performance. God does not act like our teacher or our work supervisor. He acts out of being a good Father who us like His sons and daughters. A good father is not going to take the position of sonship away from a son if they mess up or do something bad. A good father loves their children reguardless of they obey Him or not. God will never love you more then He does right now and God will never love you less than he does right now. His love for you is unconditional and unchanging. You are worth the same amount to Him when you are actively pursuing your God-given purpose as well as when you’re inactively in pursuing your God-given purpose. His love is in unrelated and unaffected by what the choices you make. We need to be people that remember that our worth and identity isn’t established in what we do, it’s established in who God says we are.

“But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.”

-John 1:12

Privileged Sonship

A right is not a position, it is a privilege. A privilege cannot be earned, it’s simply given. God has given us His love regardless of our positions or our performance. Our value to Him isn’t comparable to each other because Jesus paid the highest price for each and every single one of us. The beautiful thing God’s love is that it is unchanging and unwavering. God loved and established your value from the very beginning when you had nothing to give and nothing to show. You will never have to earn God's love and you should never try to. Below is a video of this message-- feel free to comment, share and subscribe!

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