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#MeToo Movement

Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Disclaimer: I believe there is a lot of good coming from this movement. So I do not want to take away from the conversation and am only seeking to add to it. I think it's necessary to bring awareness to issues that haven't been addressed yet. I beleive we're moving into a time of exposing darkness and bringing light into these areas and that's where healing and restoration begins. I want to add that I do not think it is wrong to fight for justices and give a voice to the voiceless for that is a huge part of God's heart. God is just in His nature and He is and will continue to orchestrate justice. Judgement day will come and He will take account of every word and action that everyone has done. However, until that day He is and will continue to extend an invitation of forgiveness to everone who will take it. For He came to set the captices and the prisoners free (Isaiah 61:1).

Lately there’s been a lot of talk on the #MeToo movement going on. While I believe it’s empowering and bringing awareness to people’s stories I believe that want to add to the dialogue with a Christian perspective. Let me start with saying that I understand a little bit of what this experience can feel like. There have been multiple times where I have been taken advantage of by people in authority or power over me—sexual harassment, being touched inappropriately against my will and all by people misusing some kind of power or position held over me. I want to start by saying that it is a heart-breaking offense that none should fall victim to. If this has ever happened to you I want you to know that it is not your fault. You did nothing to deserve it, you were not asking for it and you are in no way responsible for it. If you are anything like I was stop replaying scenarios in your mind. In entertaining the “would haves” and “could haves” you are tricking yourself into believing that an outcome would be different due to your actions. But you need to remember that you were a victim of someone else’s choices. As I don’t want to take away from being victim of another’s choice, I do want to simply add to the dialogue.

"Sometimes we like and approve of things that are evil & attack and condemn things we ought to love."

We Are Not The Judge

I believe there’s a level of compassion for the other side that we as Christians need to display. I am aware that we are not all guilty of rape, sexual misconduct or anything of that sort but I do believe we are all guilty of something. It’s easy to point the finger and say “well you’re this & you’re that...” but the reality is we’re all guilty of something. Whether it’s bullying, racism, favoritism, pride, lying or gossip we have all fallen short of the glory of God. Sometimes I think that we like to justify certain sins being worse than others. I totally get it, it’s easy to play the judge. We like to be able to decide what kind of condemnation others should receive. Many times I don’t think this necessarily comes from a bad place, I think it’s based in a lot of pain we’ve ourselves have maybe experienced- not being heard, being past victims, haven’t received justice ourselves for a past offense. So I think it’s coming from a place that wants to help—but I want Christians to realize that at the end of the day we aren’t the real judge. The Bible says “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:2) The truth of the matter is that we need to be very careful in how we judge others. For we were not given the power or authority to evaluate and make correct conclusions about others. Being that we are finite human beings, we are not able to judge actions in the same way that God would. Humans misjudge and can easily falsely evaluate. Sometimes we like and approve of things that are evil and attack and are judgmental towards things we ought to love. That is why we are not in a position to judge and condemn other people. Only one is—God.

There's a difference between judging an action and judging a person.

There’s a difference between judging an action and judging a person. Rape, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct is wrong. There is absolutely no argument against that. However, according to Scripture a person is not defined solely based on their sin. A person is defined by their position in God We really need to be careful about how we speak about our brothers and sisters. Especially when it comes to what’s being said on the news or on social media. The other day when I was reading an article and the comments below it were just ripping the person apart. In that moment I felt God say to me “Don’t you dare talk about my son or daughter that way.” It was a correction from God and it was stern. I was very thankful for it thought because it’s true. That person is God’s child which means they are my brother or sister. He loves them just as much as He loves you. He paid the same price for them as He paid for you. It broke my heart… because it’s true. Sometimes we can get in the mentality that says “Well, that’s not fair. That’s what they deserve…” but let me remind you what we all deserve. The Bible says “all have fallen short of the glory of God.” That means everyone.

The Danger of Worshiping Short-Term Justice

Sometimes I feel like we can worship short-term justice over the sovereignty of God. It’s interesting even reading the Bible and seeing how the Jews perceived Jesus as the Messiah. They expected a Messianic King that would come and bring war, free them from oppressors and judge the people (Luke 3:17.) So when Jesus entered on a baby donkey proclaiming peace to the nations, there was this moment of hesitancy where people were thinking “Wait a minute, that’s not what we wanted.” It seemed like they were more interested in a political messiah as opposed to a spiritual messiah. Because Jesus came for redemption. Redemption doesn’t mean getting rid of the “evil” people and only leaving the “good.” Jesus came to redeem all people to make all of us His sons and daughters. The reason a lot of people didn’t accept Jesus was because they were looking for a Messiah to come with judgment on their enemies and oppressors, but instead He came with forgiveness and peace. The Jews were so distracted in wanting a short-term justice that they didn’t see the heart of what Jesus was trying to accomplish. God wanted to gain a kingdom of pure-hearted followers, not by destroying the impure but by purifying sinners and making them sons and daughters as well. That’s why Jesus went to the cross instead of going to war.

Now hear me out, God will come back again in judgment but until that day He is and will continue to extend an invitation of forgiveness to everyone who will take it. My added dialogue isn’t to excuse the sin and the ugliness of what sin does to others. It is absolutely heartbreaking to me. But I do want to say that sometimes we can be so distracted with wanting a short-term justice that we forget about trying to partner and walk along the great narrative of what God is interested in doing. It’s not wrong to fight for justice and give voices to those who don’t have a voice, that’s a huge part of God’s heart as well. With that, people will never be excused from the consequences of their sin. God is orchestrating justice. However I want us to be very aware of what our role is and I think these are the ones I can see right now...

1. We are not the final judges—the same way you judge others you will also be judged. 2. Examine our own hearts—We all have fallen short of God’s glory.

3. Have compassion for God’s sons and daughters—Victims and prisoners alike.

4. Pray & ask the Holy Spirit how to partner along with what Jesus is doing in the greater narrative.

PLEASE: If you are experiencing sexual abuse, harassment or misconduct in any ways please reach out to someone and report it immediately. It is not your fault and God did not intend for that to happen to you. He is a healer in all ways- mind, body and soul. God is a fierce protector. Do not stay in situations that are harming you.

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