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I'm so passionate about communication and making difficult concepts easy to understand and applicable. People say I'm a little bit of a firecracker when I'm on a stage but I wouldn't have it any other way! Over the years I've had opportunities to speak at churches, halfway houses, orphanages, recovery groups, youth camps, youth groups and general audiences. I enjoy sharing my testimony and the journey of faith in a fun, engaging and relevant way.


Whether you're a church, non-profit, camp I would love to see how I can come alongside the work you are already doing!

Places I've Been

Next Step Ministries; Los Angeles, CA

Union Rescue Mission; Los Angeles, CA

Gospel Hill Camp; Shoreview, MN

Union Gospel Mission; St. Paul, MN

Youth Hunting Comap; Christi, WI

Chippewa Bible Church; Chippewa, WI

Oak Grove Church; Port St. Joe, FL

Covenant House; Wewahitchka, FL

Taunton Family Orphanage; Wewahitchka, FL

Common Topics

Experiencing the Father's Love

Creating a Culture of Heaven

Experiencing Heaven In the Now

Hope and Healing Is For Today

Breaking Free From Self-Hatred

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Sample Videos


Meghan, High School Student

"I grew up in a Christian home but never grasped that the gospel was a love story written for me until spending a week with Danea as a teacher. She communicates the gospel fully and beautiful by bringing it to life through her personal story."

Marnie, Youth & Family Chaplain

"Having worked with Danea several years, I can attest to her amazing speaking ability. She listens for what the Lord wants said, secures her thoughts firmly in scripture, and delivers the message in the power of the Holy Spirit. The youth love her transparency and connect to her talks well."

Christa, Children's Case Manager

"Danea brings a passion for Jesus and connecting with people. Her gift in teaching is spirit led and filled with energy that captivates audiences. She brings an authentic presence that allows others to experience the true love of Jesus. Your campers experience will be greatly enriched by having the opportunity to listen to Danea." 

Noah, High School Student

"Danea is a very motivational and uplifting speaker with a powerful testimony with an example of finding encouragement and strength in Christ though hard trials in life. She's very clear and precise in preaching the gospel and is one after God's heart."

Emily, High School Student

"Danea speaks in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. She's confident about the work of God while being compassionate towards others. I've learned so much from her testimony and relating it to my own life."

Jim, Pastor

" The anointing and depth of Danea's personal life testimony touched so many broken "orphaned spirits" in our congregation giving them hope. Her message was simple as it should be with the testimony of Him [God] being the answer."

David, Taunton Orphanage

"She held the children (and adults) absolutely riveted as she shared with them her own teen-year struggles, and then tied it into her insight on the Prodigal Son. She is a gifted speaker with a powerful testimony and the ability to connect with kids, teens and adults in a way that draws them to the truth the scriptures have for their lives."

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